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The perfect on-the-go snack: MadeGood Foods


This past weekend we were cottaging with our friends in Muskoka. There were a total of fifteen people – five families with five toddlers all under one roof. It was certainly a full house! And with that many toddlers, I’m sure you can imagine the chaos and the mass of emotions we had to manage!

Luckily, the weather was sunny, warm and beautiful for the first few days. We were happy to get out in the sunshine and wander down to the beach. But honestly, just trying to get down to the beach felt like a marathon.  The flurry of parents applying sunscreen, putting life-jackets and swimwear on little ones, the arguments over putting shoes on, trying to locate sunglasses that had been tossed on the floor somewhere, two toddlers chasing each other, one only wearing a diaper. It was absolute chaos.

We were so excited when MadeGood Foods sent us a care package of snacks for our trip. Although these have been frequently eaten in our houses and have been our go-to snack for a few months, when MadeGood heard about our cottage trip, they wanted to help make our weekend just a little bit easier.

These are the perfect snacks for on-the-go, and they are filled with healthy ingredients and perfectly packaged for our daily adventures. These snacks are also allergy friendly; they are free of eggs, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sesame, and fish/shellfish. The best part is that they are delicious and the kids love them!  And it really helped us out, as it was one less thing for all of the parents to think about. We knew that we had healthy snack choices to offer the kids before they started to get hangry, and they could spend more time playing with each other on the beach and stay fuelled for adventure.

After splashing around in the water, trying to catch minnows, and making sand castles, it was time to refuel. We gave the kids their choice of granola minis, granola bars, or crispy squares. Each toddler had his or her favourite. But each and every one of them finished their snack, then ran back to the water to play.

*** GIVEAWAY ****

Since we want to help make things easier for you – by offering healthy and easy on-the-go snacks – We are giving away a MadeGood Foods prize pack! To enter, follow us on Instagram and tag some friends!



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