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Little Chick Art Activity!


Its finally spring! And just in time for Easter, here is an art activity that is sure to be a hit with your little one! This activity is all about exploring new materials, textures and techniques.

Try Something New

It’s hard to think outside the paint bottle when it comes to planning an art activity for a toddler. Paint just seems like an easy go-to, no matter the outcome they will end up creating a new Jackson Pollock to add to the fridge. As great as an abstract is, let’s get a little more conceptual! This Easter or Spring themed activity introduces new textures, less mess and a little bit of collaboration. The best part is that this isn’t just an Easter activity you can apply the same method to other themes, or animals!

Sticky Situation

What toddler doesn’t like stickers? Stickers are like gold to them, a form toddler currency even. This activity is inspired by the idea of stickers, and children’s love of sticking them to everything!

Through the use of cut of pieces of tissue paper, and a relatively sticky surface, your toddler can make a cut out shape (oval, circle, square– whatever) colorful and covered with their “stickers.” Without knowing it, your toddler will create a collage, through layering and inadvertently spacing out their little squares. Now the Type A in you will want to manage the surface area, making sure the shape to tissue ratio is on point. Give them the control and freedom, if they cover half– they cover half. It will still look adorable. Your job is to make sure they don’t eat the tissue paper.

Let’s get hopping!

Project: Little Chick Art Activity

You will most likely have the majority of these materials in your home, but all can easily be purchased from the dollar store!


Tissue paper cut up in little 1 inch squares (yellow for chick, white for bunny.. or go nuts, blue for whale or brown for bear!)

White Bristol board (or white paper plate) cut out in either an oval or circle for the chick or bunny.

White glue stick

Googly eyes (extra large makes for extra fun!)

Orange construction paper or foam (cut into a triangle for the beak)

Square piece of construction paper or decorative scrapbooking paper for the background or mount

All set? Time to get steppin’

Step 1.

Get your prep on!

Before you invite your little Picasso to explore, get all your materials ready to go. Cut the white Bristol board into a circle or oval. Cut the tissue paper into small squares, enough to cover the surface of your shape. Approximately 2-3 full sheets. Once everything is ready cover the entire shape with a thin layer or glue using your glue stick.

Step 2.


Give your toddler a quick demo, show them what they can do! Take a piece of tissue paper and stick it to the shape, then pat it down to secure it. Tell them how it’s like a sticker and then, invite them to do the same.

Step 3.

Release the Picasso!

Let your little Picasso explore! Let them pick pieces out of a bowl and stick them on their shape. Encourage them to add more, and to pat or tap the piece down.

Step 4.

Finishing touches

Once your little one has either a)lost interest or b) happily finished, you can glue the eyes and beam on– you can either share the next step with them or do this on your own.


Step 5

Mount it!

Glue that chick onto the square piece of decorative scrapbooking paper and you have yourself a masterpiece!

Let us know how this goes! This might be a great activity for Saturday, and can be a great gift for grandparents. You could always make your cut out shapes smaller and get them to create more than one! Looking for another art activity? Find out how you can explore painting, without the mess!

Happy Creating!

This Bumpy Adventure wants to wish all our readers a very Hoppy Easter! Below please find a complimentary Easter colouring sheet!

What art materials would you like to explore with your Little Picasso? We are always happy to hear from you!

Hoppy Easter Colouring Sheet – Free Printable




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