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Fun with stamps!

This week has been a tough! The rain in Toronto has really brought my energy level down, which was troublesome considering my toddler’s energy was at an all time high without frequent visits to the park. To get through rainy mornings… and afternoons… we decided to take home-made stamps for a spin! I personally love printmaking, and stamps is the perfect introductory gateway to lino cuts and reliefs in our near future!

Stamp it out!
Who hasn’t dabbled in stamps? Not only is it a great activity, it can be used to teach colours, patterns and shapes. No need to run out to your local art supply store, the materials used for beginner stamping or printmaking are almost certainly found around your home. For a little introduction to printmaking — or stamping, I thought I would share a few tips of turning every day household objects into printmaking stamps. And since I can smell summer around the corner, I thought it might be fun to throw a little summertime theme to it. Time to make some lemonade! (cue Beyoncé) Dig out some liquid paint, a potato and a drop cloth — things are about to get fun!

Parent Hack: stamps and printmaking can do wonders for your giftwrapping game. And why not get the little ones involved, recruit your Little Picassos to help create giftwrap, greeting cards or gift tags.

Project: Making Lemonade with Stamps

You will most likely have the majority of these materials in your home, but all can easily be purchased from the dollar store!

– Construction paper
– Acrylic or liquid tempera
– Sponges
– drop cloth
– empty paper towel roll
– potato
– good scissors
– paring knife


All set? Time to get steppin’

Step 1.

Get your prep on!

Prepping will simply involve you making stamps for your LP (Little Picasso). Cut a yellow sponge into different shapes — triangle and rectangle are my personal faves.
Use a knife to cut the potato in half, and treat either half as a stamp face. Use a small knife to carefully cut out a shape — like a lemon half. So three or four triangles (pictured). Get some colourful paper ready, pour out some paint onto a tray and get that LP in their smock or apron.

Step 2.

Take one of your stamps and dip it into the paint, making sure that it is covered equally over the surface and stamp it down on your construction paper. Invite your LP to do the same.

Step 3.

Release the Picasso!

Let your Little Picasso explore with different colours and stamps provided. Change up materials, introduce new colours, even sparkles to take it to the next level.

Step 4.

Finishing touches

Once the construction paper is dry, cut it out into the shape of glass. Take it to the next step and highlight some of the shapes with a light coloured pencil crayon. You can also cover it with a light coat of glossy ModPodge (your new best friend). Glue the glass onto a different coloured sheet of paper and add a straw to finish the cool glass of lemonade off!

Step 5

Mount it!
Everything looks better mounted. Whether you use a white or black piece of foamboard, or Bristol board. Get creative, cut up some of the printed sheets you didn’t use to create a geometric border on the foam board. Have fun with your collaboration!

Happy Creating!


I’m Char, Mike’s wife and Ben’s mama. We live in the east end and love long walks on the beach with our spunky wiener dog Sammie. My weeks often straddle a fine line as a stay-at-home mama, while hustling as an arts educator and freelance content writer/ illustrator. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be under the pile of laundry with my toddler, prepping materials for my next art workshop.

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