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Coffee Filter Flowers: Happy Mama’s Day!

You read that right! Coffee Filter Flowers. Until today, coffee filters were merely a necessary step to consuming your daily lifeline — Coffee. But they can be so much more! I am about to give the step by steps, for one of many mixed media uses of Coffee Filters!

Happy Mothers Day!

This Sunday is Mother’s day! Celebrate Mom, Ma, Mama,Mum, Mommy, Hoyo, Grandma, YiaYia, Granny, with this personal touch of love. Coffee Filter flowers can be used on their own as a little colourful bouquet, or on a card. Similar to the Mess Free Painting, there is little to no mess involved for your kiddos.

Project: Mother’s Day Flowers

The majority of these materials can be found around your home or can easily be purchased at the dollarstore! This project is made up of two parts, drying time is necessary. It can easily be accomplished in one day, Part 1 after breakfast and Part 2 before dinner or after nap 🙂

– Coffee Filters
– Crayola Markers
– Water Cup
– Paint Brush
– Wax Paper (or a drop cloth)
– Pipe cleaners (green)
– Decorative paper ( I used a Martha Stuart Woodland pack that I got from Dollarama)
– Glue Stick
– Scissors or Exacto Knife

All Set? Time to get to steppin’!

Part 1

Step 1.
Get Your Prep On!

Prep for this activity is pretty simple. Depending on the age of your kiddo you may want to add some blocks of colour to your coffee filter using the crayola makers. Try complimentary colours like red, orange and yellow, or red, purple, pink — the colours will bleed into one another once you release the Little Piccasso. So throwing in browns and greens with red or orange will be less vibrant, more muddy. I let Ben have at it with one, and I added a bit more colour once he was finished. Once that is finished, place the coffee filter on a piece of wax paper or a drop cloth, get a cup of water and brush ready to go.

Step 2.
Colour Magic!

Similar to Mess Free Painting, you can demonstrate what happens when you take the brush, dip it in water and then brush the coffee filter. The colours will bleed into one another.. like magic! Have your little one cover the whole filter, it will become see through — that mean’s you’re doing it right! Set it aside to dry. I would say about an hour. If you are impatient, bust out that hair dryer!

Part 2

Step 1.
Flower Power!

Now that your filters are dry. They have flattened out and are back to being firm. Take your flowers and fold them in half, then fold it over once more. It should look more like a flower,.

Step 2.
Dem Stems

Take your green pipe cleaners and wrap it around the narrow end. Invite your little one to help wrap it around and around until secure.

Step 3.

If you choose to go the next step and turn the beautiful flowers into a card, you can get your decorative paper ready. Fold it in half. Using your scissors cut a “window” out of the centre of the card.

Step 4.
Frame it!

Once you are happy with your window cut out, place the flowers inside having some of the stems hidden by the bottom of the card. Once you have the flowers placed the way you and your art director (kiddo) likes them, glue the top flap of the card to the bottom. This will prevent the card from opening, but at least it will look great!

Step 5.
Personal Touch

To add a greeting, or wish — use another piece of paper, cut it into a shape–like a heart and glue that on. There you have it. A personal hug from you and your Little Picasso to a mama who does it all and then some!

Happy Creating!!

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I’m Char, Mike’s wife and Ben’s mama. We live in the east end and love long walks on the beach with our spunky wiener dog Sammie. My weeks often straddle a fine line as a stay-at-home mama, while hustling as an arts educator and freelance content writer/ illustrator. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be under the pile of laundry with my toddler, prepping materials for my next art workshop.

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