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Fun with stamps!

This week has been a tough! The rain in Toronto has really brought my energy level down, which was troublesome considering my toddler’s energy was at an all time high without frequent visits to the park. To get through rainy mornings… and afternoons… we decided to take home-made stamps for a spin! I personally love printmaking,… Continue reading Fun with stamps!


Back to the Bump: First Trimester

Getting pregnant was not easy for me. I have/had something called PCOS — Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. Without going into too much detail, my cycles were all over the map, I rarely ovulated, and I had a very difficult time getting pregnant. I cannot tell you how many negative  pregnancy tests I’ve seen, how many times… Continue reading Back to the Bump: First Trimester

Little Picassos

Exploring art with your Little Picasso

I’ve always loved art. Making it, learning about it, teaching it—the whole kit and caboodle! When I  first found out I was pregnant, I would daydream of making art with my little guy. You know what I didn’t daydream of? The mess. But that’s okay, because making art is about getting messy, and so is… Continue reading Exploring art with your Little Picasso